Atelier La Fresque du Climat

28 juin 2023, de 18h30 à 21h30 (heure de Zurich)
Photobastei , Sihlquai 125, Zürich, Schweiz
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This is a great opportunity to take part at a workshop in English or German during the show of "Erschreckend schöne Bilder" about climate change at Photobastei! 🇬🇧 The Climate Fresk is an interactive workshop format based on the IPCC reports which explains causes and consequences of climate change using collective intelligence and creativity. The content is suitable for novices, experts and everyone in between. More than half a million people worldwide experienced it, whether general public, universities, schools, associations and companies. A growing number of elected representatives are also participating! Three phrases in the workshop: 📈 90' step-by-step: Build up of the Climate Fresk in a team (4-8 participants). 🖍 30' Creative phase: Summarize what you have learned & build ownership of your work of art (sometimes). 🤔 60' Debrief: Share feelings, thoughts, ideas and actions to invent a better future! 🎟 As the amount of participants is limited per workshop, please inform us in case you cannot make it so we can leave your seat for another person. Thank you! 😃 We're looking forward to seeing you!
Florence Iff