Atelier La Fresque du Climat

5 décembre 2023, de 10h00 à 13h00 (heure de London)
2 royal avenue , 2 Royal Avenue, Belfast, UK
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Back by popular demand.
3 hours of interactive climate workshop!
Do you want to know more about Climate Science? Don’t have time to become a Climate Scientist?
Climate Fresk is based on the IPCC reports this group workshop uses a card sorting activity and collective intelligence to recreate the cause and effect relationships around climate change and then explore feelings and actions. Please attend if you want to find out more!

As humanity is faced with unprecedented challenges, "Climate Fresk" is a workshop that aims at raising awareness and understanding among people about climate change, therefore enabling impacting positive actions at the personal and business level. Originated from France and based on the IPCC report, it explains the causes and consequences of climate change. It gives the opportunity to learn a lot in a short period of time and is meant for both novices and experts. More than 1.2 million people worldwide participated in a workshop, and 50,000+ of them are now facilitators.
 -- HOW THE GAME WORKS? ☀️-- This 3-hours long workshop calls on participants' collective intelligence and creativity to identify the cause-effect relationship between the different components of climate change. As a team, you aim to arrange adequately the 42 cards of the game, thus revealing the Fresk. Cooperation will get you from one deck of card to the next! A facilitator guide you during the workshop, to ensure good communication between the members of the group and to give additional explanations.
 🔹 the introduction, to learn a bit about "Climate Fresk" history and do some icebreaker exercices.
 🔹 the reconstruction of the Fresk, guided by your facilitator
 🔹 the creative phase, to relax and get to grips with your Fresk
 🔹 the debrief, to share your feelings, exchange on emotions, express thoughts and draw individual and business-level solutions.
 Following the session, you may become a facilitator yourself and help raise awareness on the topic !
 🔸 Please be here 5 minutes before the start, so we have time for the entire workshop. 
 🔸 If you can no longer attend, please send a message to the contact below before the workshop.
Conall Morrison