Atelier La Fresque du Climat

15 juin 2023, de 17h00 à 20h00 (heure de London)
Friends’ meeting house , Brighton, Brighton and Hove, UK
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Do you want to be part of the solution to tackle climate change but don’t have the time to become a climate scientist? Join us for a 3-hour interactive workshop to explore the causes and consequences of climate disturbances. Based on the IPCC report and played by over 1M people worldwide, this collaborative workshop allows you to understand the key issues of climate change to empower you to take action. How it works: - The workshop is based on a 42-card game. Each card represents an element, a cause or a consequence of climate change. - In teams, guided by your facilitator, you are encouraged to find the cause-effect relationship between the different components of climate change. Collective intelligence will get you from one deck of card to the next! - This step-by-step reconstruction provides keys to understand the complexity and develop an overview of climate change. Climate Fresk is an excellent opportunity to understand the key elements of climate change and what you can do to be part of the solution. No previous climate knowledge is needed. Workshop is 3 hours and there will be a short break in the middle. There is a suggested additional £5 cash donation to cover the cost of the venue. The workshop is in person. No specific material is required (except your curiosity, energy and willingness to learn!). Please arrive on time as we have lots to cover.
Alexandra Pearson