Atelier La Fresque du Climat

6 juin 2023, de 09h00 à 12h00 (heure de Zurich)
Stampfenbachstrasse, Zürich, Schweiz
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Climate Fresk Workshop - Raising Awareness
Are you ready to face the challenges of our time?

Join the Climate Fresk workshop, a transformative experience designed to raise awareness and empower individuals like you and me to take meaningful action against climate change. This workshop, based on the renowned IPCC report, offers valuable insights into the causes and consequences of climate change, suitable for both beginners and experts.

The workshop program:
Introduction: Learn about the history of "Climate Fresk" and participate in icebreaker exercises.
Fresk Reconstruction: Collaboratively piece together the Fresk.
Creative Phase: Relax and engage with your Fresk, allowing your ideas to flow.
Debrief: Share your feelings, exchange thoughts and emotions, and explore individual and collective solutions.
Following the workshop, you may have the opportunity to become a facilitator yourself, helping to raise awareness on this important topic.

Practical information:
No specific material is required (except your joy, energy and willingness to learn!)
🕖 Please arrive on time
✉️ You will receive an email with all the latest information (including detailed location), one day before and 15 minutes before the workshop begins.

⚠ Please take your ticket only if you are sure that you can make it! ⚠

Any question ?
Contact: Felicia Dimulescu

Happy fresking !

Felicia F