Climate Fresk facilitation training

August 22, 2023, from 06:00pm to 09:00pm (London time)
Islington climate centre - angel central: ground floor (next to calzedonia) , Parkfield Street, London, UK
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WARNING: This event is meant for people who have already attended a Climate Fresk workshop (in any language, online or in-person)! a) In the case you have not yet attended a Climate Fresk workshop, please visit this page to register for one : b) If you have already attended a Climate Fresk workshop, please keep on reading :) Learning how to facilitate a Climate Fresk workshop means becoming part of our mission to raise awareness about climate change all around the world. After this 3-hour facilitation training session, you will hold all the information you need to facilitate a workshop all by yourself! ▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔ -- WHAT TO EXCEPT DURING THE TRAINING ? -- ▷ A Brief History Of The Climate Fresk (its creation and objectives, how and when to use it, how to get started and where to find the right information) ; ▷ Review of the workshop and a deeper analysis of the links between all cards ; ▷ The role of the facilitator : ▷ Tips & Tricks on how to conduct the final debriefing ▷ Please arrive on time. The workshop will not start later than 5 minutes after the scheduled time and it will be difficult for you to reach the session in progress. ---- Please take your ticket only if you are sure that you can make it! Happy fresking!
Marie Le Solliec