Climate Fresk workshop

May 15, 2023, from 17:15 to 20:15 (Paris time)
Kollegienhaus, mehrzweckraum 035 , Petersplatz 1, Basel, Switzerland
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  • Free
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Dear participant
Great that you signed up for the first Climate Fresk at the University of Basel which is co-organised by the AG Nachhaltigkeit and the two facilitators Alexis & Aline.
Regarding costs: the AG Nachhaltigkeit covers your participation cost. Please be respectful and do turn up if you signed up for the workshop.
You do not need to bring along anything apart from the interest to learn more about climate change and motivation to exchange with other people interested in the topic (no prior knowledge needed!).
We look forward to meeting you in person :-)
Alexis & Aline

Aline Von Jüchen