Climate Fresk workshop

November 09, 2023, from 07:00pm to 10:00pm (Paris time)
Koorenhuis zaal 2.07 , Prinsegracht 27, Den Haag, Nederland
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You can't fix what you don't understand. Luckily, the Climate Fresk workshop turns climate science into a game!
 Played by over 1.2 million people worldwide, this fun & collaborative workshop allows you to understand the essential issues of climate change in order to take action. Based on the IPCC report, it explains the causes and consequences of climate change. Whether you're a novice or an expert, you'll learn a lot in just 3 hours.

 This 3-hour long workshop calls on participants' collective intelligence and creativity to identify the cause-effect relationship between the different components of climate change. As a team, you will arrange the 42 cards in a visual layout of climate change - which we call a 'Fresk'. Cooperation will get you from one deck of card to the next! A facilitator guides you during the workshop, to ensure good communication between the members of the group and to give additional explanations.
 🔹 An introduction - to learn a bit about Climate Fresk's history and to meet the people around your table
 🔹 Reflection & linking the cards - building up your 'Fresk', guided by your facilitator
 🔹 The creative phase - to relax and get to grips with your new knowledge
 🔹 The debrief - to share your feelings, emotions, & thoughts, and discuss individual and collective solutions
 Following the session, you can train to become a facilitator yourself and help raise awareness on the topic!
 🔸 Please be on time to the workshop, preferably 15 minutes before we start, as it's not possible to join half way through. The game will take at least 3 hours, it's also not possible to leave early.
🔸 I will check if Dutch is okay for everyone, if it's not I'll stick to English

💵 The workshop is offered for free, but I'm renting the space. To cover the rent I'm asking you to pay as you feel and what you can and want to miss. To give a guideluine the rent is approximately €7,50 per person. Don't feel obliged if you can't miss it ;)
 ⚠️ Please sign up for a ticket only if you are sure that you can make it! This is a volunteer-led workshop, with the main objective of reaching as many people as possible. Please be respectful of the time, effort and energy we are willing to give you by attending when you sign up, we are looking forward to meeting you so much 😉!

 Any questions? Contact me!
 Happy Fresking!
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