Climate Fresk workshop

May 14, 2024, from 09:00am to 12:00pm (Canberra time)
Queen’s park , Queens Park NSW, Australia
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  • Free
12 places still available
Le changement climatique, vous en entendez parler tous les jours, mais vous souhaitez mieux comprendre comment ça marche, et les implications sur nos vies ? 

🌍 Vous souhaitez échanger sur ce sujet avec vos proches et vos collègues, de façon ludique et constructive? 

⛹️ Au programme de cet atelier : 
🌱 3h d'atelier ludique et collaboratif, par équipe 
🔥 Mieux comprendre les causes du dérèglement climatique et ses conséquences, en lien avec les sociétés humaines... en se basant sur le consensus scientifique 
💦 Réfléchir ensemble à des actions efficaces à mettre en place ! 

La participation de 20AUD par personne sera intégralement reversée à l'association de la Fresque du Climat


🌍 Come to a Climate Fresk workshop for a crash-course on climate change where you will learn about the elements driving climate change and work on solutions collectively. Aimed at anyone with an interest in the issue, whether beginner or veteran, you will come away feeling re-energised and empowered!

🏆 Today, 1 million people have already taken part in this workshop around the world. Are you ready to join the movement?

📍 Remind me what Climate Fresk is?
Climate Fresk is an awareness and education experience around climate change, helping people unpack the science behind climate change, its drivers and consequences, and start exploring what can be done. Climate Fresk is neutral and objective and presents only established scientific facts from IPCC reports.

 🙋 Who's it for?
- If you're relatively new to the topic, this is the best 3 hours you can spend on it. 
- If you're already advanced, you will discover a tool to raise awareness and empower others around you 
 - Anyone over the age of 14 (we have a junior version for younger audiences)

⚙️ How it works ?
- The workshop is based on a 42-cards game: each card represents an element of the climate system. 
- As a team, guided by your facilitator, you will identify the cause-effect relationship between the different mechanisms and forces at play. Use the power of collective intelligence to solve the climate puzzle! 
- This step-by-step creation of the 'Fresk' provides keys to understanding the big picture of climate change and its complexity. 
- After building the Fresk, you will engage in a productive discussion on solutions and actions 

Ticket price is 20AUD/person (entirely paid back to the Climate Fresk association)
Carole Defago